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About Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing

About Us | Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing - Boston, MA

At Fenway Backbay Snow Removal, we are professionals with years of experience tackling Boston’s snow issues. From commercial snow removal to residential snow removal, we strive to dig everyone out from blizzards and snowstorms. Whether you need your sidewalk cleared or a thorough driveway plowing, give our team a call.

If you’re considering just ignoring your snow and letting it melt away on its own, think again. Boston, MA has strict rules regarding snow removal:

• Snow that is blocking a handicapped ramp or fire hydrant must be removed
• Sidewalks must be cleared of snow or a fine will be issued within three hours of snow falling
• Don’t shovel snow into the street. Violators will be fined.
• Remove ice from pavement, or treat pavement with sand, sawdust, or a similar material.

Tackling your own snow removal presents health risks. Overexertion while shoveling can be risky for elderly or vulnerable people. Save your back and save your heart. Call us, and we’ll do the snow removal for you.

Our team uses proper sanding and salting techniques for each job we do. If you’re a commercial business owner, you’ll avoid potential lawsuits by simply having our team sand your walkways and driveways. Slipping on ice is a common but highly preventable snow-related issue. We’ll make your driveways and walkways slip-free.

For homeowners, you and your family will not risk falling on black ice when walking to the car or picking up the mail. We strive to make Boston a safer place in the winter months with our snow removal services.

If you’re ready to prepare for the snow, call us today for your seasonal pass. We stand by the commitment to provide high-quality snow removal to every Boston, MA homeowner and business owner. Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing wants to dig you out from the snow.