Commercial Snow Plowing

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Commercial Snow Plowing

Commercial Snow Plowing | Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing - Boston, MA

When the snow starts falling, you might be concerned that the snow will drive customers away from your business. With our expert commercial snow plowing services, you can rest assured that your business will remain open all season long. We’ll clear the snow from your walkways and parking lot. Also, we’ll ensure that your business doesn’t have any slippery spots. With our sanding and salting techniques, you don’t have to worry about you or a customer falling on ice.

Black ice is a serious problem in winter. As a business owner, you must be very careful to prevent anyone from falling on ice while on your premises. When you call us for your commercial snow plowing, we’ll guarantee that your walkways and parking lot will be properly sanded to prevent black ice from endangering anyone.

These are some of the dangers of black ice:

• Vehicles lose traction when they hit black ice. This can cause accidents in your parking lot.
• Black ice is not easily visible, so people slip on it easily.
• You risk a lawsuit if a customer slips on ice on the premises of your business.

Winter in Boston can be dangerous due to snow and ice. To guarantee safety, all residents should take important precautionary measures. Calling Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing for proper commercial snow plowing is a great step. However, you should be aware of some safety tips while driving to and from your newly plowed business. Make sure to be aware of road hazards. Don’t be in a rush! Avoid the temptation to drive as you normally would during snow-free days. Our snow experts may have tackled your black ice issue in your parking lot, but black ice may still be lingering on unplowed streets.

If you find yourself on black ice, stay calm and don’t hit the brake pedal. Take your foot off the gas and calmly brake as you steer, turning into the slide. When it comes to driving on black ice, you don’t want to over-correct.

Our business will strive to make your business safe and free of snow problems. Call us today if you’re ready a commercial snow plowing from Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing.