Residential Snow Plowing

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Residential Snow Plowing

Residential Snow Plowing | Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing - Boston, MA

In Boston, MA, snow is part of our lives. With Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing, we’ll tackle your residential snow plowing so you don’t have to. Why should you call us? Shoveling your own snow comes with some risks:

• Shoveling is strenuous work and is not safe for those with heart problems.
• Each year, nearly 1600 people die from attempting to remove their own snow.
• Snow shoveling tends to lead to other injuries, such as slipping on snow and ice.
• Improper shoveling techniques can lead to back problems.

Before picking up your snow shovel, consider Fenway Backway Snow Plowing for the job. We have years of experience in the residential snow plowing field.

If your driveway is packed with heavy, wet snow, you might be tempted to take out your shovel and get to work. Unfortunately, shoveling this type of snow causes many people to wind up in the hospital. Those with coronary disease are advised to stay away from snow shoveling. They are putting themselves at risk of heart attack.

Smokers and those with high blood pressure are advised to stay away from the snow shovel, too. Shoveling snow is physically exhausting and only advised for those in top cardiovascular shape. Those who fear that they are not in the best snow shoveling shape should call Fenway Backbay Snow Plowing for their residential snow plowing needs. Our high-quality plow trucks will have your driveways and walkways cleared in no time.

The city of Boston has strict rules regarding proper snow removal for its residents. When you use our snow plowing services, you don’t have to worry about receiving any fines for improper snow removal. You don’t have to worry about acquiring an achy back, either. Put away that snow shovel and give us a call. We’re your residential snow plowing experts.